Jimmy Dale and the Beltline

Jimmy Dale and the Beltline Daniel Funaki

Jimmy Dale Richardson has created some of the most exciting music to emanate from the state of Oklahoma, with his gutsy lead vocals, solid electric guitar leads, Jimmy has brought new life to the obscure art of traditional Honky Tonk, Rockabilly, and Hillbilly Bop. Jimmy started playing guitar and singing at the age 12 and playing professionally in nightclubs and various venues at age16. Jimmy grew up listening to and soaking up all kinds of obscure Hillbilly, Bluegrass, Honkytonk, Rockabilly, Jump and Delta Blues music by going everywhere with his dad Melvin Richardson who plays Upright Bass in the band.

Jimmy Dale is rooted in tradition by his grandfather Hubert Pearce, who is cousins with both Webb Pierce & The Wilburn Brothers and who himself played the Honky Tonks back in the 40`s 50`s 60`s in Oklahoma,Texas and Louisiana. The Beltline is named after the business loop of the original Route 66. Jimmy Dale and Melvin are the mainstay of the group with a back up of revolving like minded musicians.

Jimmy Dale & The Beltline will be recording their first full album on Wild Records June 2015.

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