Ordering FAQ

How can I order items?

You can order items from our shop page by clicking the Add To Cart-buttons or by sending your order by e-mail to us.


How can I pay?

These are the ways to pay for your order:

  • PayPal (immediate)
  • Credit card (immediate through PayPal)
  • Bank transfer (can take a couple of days)


Are there extra costs?

Next to the amount for the goods you're buying there's an extra charge for shipping and if you choose to pay through Paypal. You can avoid these extra costs by paying through bank transfer and choose to pick up your order at our official merch stand. You can find out where we'll be at the events-page.


How will the order be send?

We make sure all orders are send in the right packaging, keeping the damage risk to an absolute minimum.


When will my order be shipped?

After receiving your payment we will prepare your package and take it to our delivery service. We're dropping off packages once a week unless there are a lot of orders; then we try to do it quicker. Our delivery service Bpost will take it to you in no time.


Do you ship to everywhere in Europe?

Shipping varies per each country. To know the price for your country you can use the Estimate shipping fee-function at the shopping cart. If your country is not selected in the drop down list, send us a message to get a shipping fee.


Can I order from the USA?

If you live in the USA you can order at Wild Records USA.


Can I order from Japan or anywhere else in the world?

Yes, sure! Just use the checkout function. If your country isn't mentioned in the list, send us a message.


Where is the package coming from?

Everything gets send straight out of the European heart of the Whole Wild World in Belgium.


Have your shipping rates changed?

Yes, starting from March 1st 2017 we have our brand new eCommerce solution with shipment per country. For some countries this mean shipping got a lot cheaper, for other countries it might have become more expensive.


Do the 45's come with a sleeve?

Normally they don't come with the sleeve. The sleeves are usually only sold by bands on the road or rare first pressings. If it comes with a sleeve it'll be announced with the article.


I've still got a question!

Please use our contact form to get in touch with us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.